Welcome to my Online Portfolio. Below you will find a quick link to the portfolio pages as well as a brief introduction to the section. I take pride in the work I’ve done and am proud to showcase my results as of date. All the work herein is of my own (unless credit is given stating otherwise). Thank you for taking the time to view a section or two or all! -RSB



HTML = Content: HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the building-blocks of web pages.

CSS = Style: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) determines a website’s look and feel.

In other words, HTML tells a web browser what to display, while CSS tells the browser how to display it. The two are used so often together, it would be hard to separate one into a portfolio without the other.


JavaScript / jQuery

JavaScript jQuery

While HTML and CSS tell a web browser what to include and what to look like, JavaScript is a loose language that tells a browser what to do! The use of JavaScript leads to the term Dynamic HTML or DHTML. Although it is nice to look at a web page, it is much nicer to interact and visually see changes in the content and display.

jQuery is a compiled library of JavaScript classes, functions, methods, and syntax handler. jQuery’s syntax is designed to make it easier to navigate a document, select DOM elements, create animations, handle events, and develop Ajax applications.




AMP or Apache MySQL PHP is a collection of open-source packages designed to facilitate hosting websites on a server, accessing server databases, and generating dynamic HTML content. PHP is a server side scripting language, that can dynamically generate HTML content before it is sent over the internet to the user’s computer. MySQL is a Structured Query Language used to access relational databases. MySQL allows for quick access to large amounts of stored data in a remote database. PHP works seamlessly with MySQL to present the results from the database query in an easy to read format for the client’s browser to display.

My portfolio highlights utilization of PHP to access MySQL databases and to parse that data into XML tags for structured formatting that the user’s browser can understand.




XML or EXtensible Markup Language is a markup language that defines a set of rules for structuring documents in a format that is both human and machine readable. Having a defined structure allow the same information to be used in a variety of formats, such as; print, websites, mobile devises, screen reading software, etc.


ActionScript 3 / Flex 4.6 / Away3D 4.Gold / Flash


Flash, Flex, Away3D are all based on the ActionScript 3.0 (AS3) language. Therefore I have included all AS3 examples on the same page.
ActionScript is the primary programing language for Adobe’s Flash, and Air run-time environments.


Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / Premiere Pro


The Adobe Creative Suite is a robust collection of visual editing software packages. Photoshop is primarily used for editing photographs and raster images. While Illustrator is better suited for vector based drawings. Finally Premiere Pro is a liner video editing package, that is powerful enough to produce full scale movies and video programs.


CGI Renders

Daz Studio 4.6Carrara 3D Pro 8.5 Hexagon 2.5Poser

CGI or Computer Graphic Image(s) is the means of creating an image through digital mediums. While there are a large variety of CGI software packages, this portfolio highlights my experience with the DAZ product line: Hexagon for modeling, DAZ Studio for posing figures, and Carrara for animations, scene building, and rendering.


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