Hello World!

In the spirit of tradition, I dub this first post, “Hello World!”

Below you will find a quick salutation in HTML, JavaScript, jQueryPHP, ActionScript, Away3D.



Notice, we removed the text from the <body> tags and placed our JavaScript within an inserted a <script> tag.


Notice, we included the jQuery library by src-ing jQuery’s content distribution network (CDN).
Secondly we call our function when the document is “ready” and waiting commands.
Thirdly we select the “body” element and tell it to change its html content to our worldly greeting.


For this one, we use an inline call to some PHP script placed between the <?php  ?> tags.
Pretty simple eh?
Remember, to rename your file extension to “.php”. This tells the server to run this code before sending it to the client’s computer’s browser.

ActionScript 3

A lot more complicated.
Below is the bare minimum required to display text on the screen in a Flash Player.

Back in your HTML document, you will need to include the following code to embed the Flash .swf file.
*Note, iOS devises such as iPhones, iPads, and most smart phones do not display Flash files.
Demo –>

Away3D 4.Gold

Even MORE complicated.
For this example I used ActionScript in the FLEX framework to showcase and Away3D rotatable cube.  Below is a custom component I created to conveniently create a “hover camera” around an object. Let me restate that. In this example the camera spins around the object, vs the object spinning in front of the camera.

Once I have the component created, I then need to call an instance of the component in my main application in FLEX. As seen below. Quite a bit more work, but the power of Away 3D is best demonstrated on another page.
Demo –>
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