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Computer Generated Images (CGI for short) are images that are mostly created by a computer using some predefined parameters. Once the computer generated image is complete, typically the CGI need post-work or compositing done in an image editor. I personally enjoy Adobe’s Photoshop for all my post-work needs.

Still Images

Below are a few collections of my most recent still (static) image CGI renders. Typically, I render out an image into a sequence of .png files. If the images are to be a video, I then compile them together in Adobe’s Premiere. For web apps or games, the images sequenced in Flash or into a sprite sheet.

“Sci-Fi/Fantasy Collection”

Tags: Carrara, DAZ Studio, Photoshop

“Sci-Fi/Fantasy Collection” are some of my latest illustrations utilizing Carrara Pro 8.5. Most images went through many iterations, and then again through extensive post-work in Photoshop. In the end, each individual image should convey an emotion and tell its own story.

“Children’s Book”

Tags: Carrara, DAZ Studio, Photoshop

“Children’s Book” is a collection of twenty images for a children’s book that I wrote and illustrated. I’ll allow the images to tell their own story in this portfolio.

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For the majority of these images I used Carrara Pro 8 for:

  • Scene setup.
  • Lighting.
  • Character posing.
  • Texture adjustments.
  • Camera placement.
  • Rendering several versions.

Post-work was completed in Adobe’s Photoshop to: composite the images, color adjustment, layering, and poke-through editing.
Launch the Children’s book website in a new window.

Animated Images

Below are a few collections of my most recent animated CGI renders.

Digital Manala

“Digital Mandala”

Tags: Carrara, DAZ Studio, Photoshop, Premiere

“Digital Mandala” is an experiment in animating replicated rotating objects. The unique results are often times mesmerizing.
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Run Cycle ScreenShot

“Run Cycles”

Tags: ActionScript Flex Carrara3D Photoshop

“Run Cycles” are used in modern computer games to simulate a character running/walking on screen. In the golden arcade days of yore, this was accomplished with sprites and sprite sheets. However the method used below utilizes sequenced .png files nested in a flash .swf file.

Things to look for:
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