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Adobe’s Creative Suite is the standard for all visual editing. While the creative suite expands beyond visual to web development and the Flash runtime programing environment, this page will focus on the more visual components of the suite. Below are samples of work with; Photoshop for raster images, Illustrator for vector art and line drawings, Premiere for video production.


Adobe’s Photoshop is the definitive program for photo editing, image manipulation and visual effects in two dimensional still images. As an ASU graduate with a Digital Art degree, I have over 15 years of experience with many versions of Photoshop. I find Photoshop an essential tool for any serious artist.

“Photo Editing”

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True to its original use, this first set illustrates Photoshop used to edit existing photographs. The first two are a colorizing project, while the second two images are photo restoration projects.


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Compositing is the process of taking several images and merging them together for a final complete image. The following was a commissioned cover art for a fantasy story, starring a blind psychic heroin. The initial scene was rendered in Carrara Pro with several passes, then composited in Photoshop, adding depth perception as well as some more intense lighting and magical elements.

“Extreme Photoshopping”

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More extreme Photoshopping takes an image and moves it beyond a photo into art. Secondly Photoshop can transform an average photo into perfect stock imaging for a travel ad.


Like Photoshop, Illustrator is an image editor. However, unlike Photoshop, Illustrator specializes in vector based imaging. Images that maintain smooth curves, solid colors, and gradient patterns. Below are sample Illustrator graphics I created for a couple of commissioned projects.

“Sastique Fashions”

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“Sastique Fashions” is a set of images for sastique.com I created in Adobe’s Illustrator. Sastique wanted a elegant curves and line styling that vector art is ideal for.

Launch website in a new window.

“My Match Coach”

Tags: Illustrator

“My Match Coach” is a set of images for mymatachcoach.com I created in Adobe’s Illustrator. The owner wanted to anamorphasize the quote-marks that are prominent in the logo and theme of the service.

Unfortunately, this service and website are no longer available on the web.

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