Month: April 2014

Tutorial: Away3D TypeScript: Bare Minimum Scene

This first demo will break down a bare minimum Away3D TypeScript scene. It will not be impressive, but it will get the ball rolling. (Or cube spinning as it may be.) Note, this tutorial creates a TypeScript file with .ts

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Tutorial: Dynamically Resize Image on PHP Server with ImageMagick

Launch demo in a new window. It is impractical to optimize a photo to display on a computer screen in all browsers ahead of time. However with ImageMagick and PHP we can dynamically configure an optimal image at runtime. In

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Tutorial: Pixel Art Enlargement in jQuery


This is the jQuery version to the JavaScript version. Mostly, the process is the same between the two, the syntax has changed. However this version will preform the action on any container element with class of “pixelArt”. “Pixel Art Enlarge”

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